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CSP Series Programmable DC Power Supply-1KW

Rated power range: 900W ~ 1KW
Rated voltage range: 30V / 60V / 100V / 200V / 300V
5 - digit voltage display voltage and 4 - digit current display, with a maximum resolution of 1mV and 1mA.
High programming accuracy, high output accuracy, and low ripple noise.
Excellent dynamic response time<10ms.
Output start - up without overshoot, and can set the rising slope of voltage and current.
Real-time power display.
RS232 / RS485 communication interface.


CSP-1KW is a single-phase 220Vac input desktop programmable DC power supply with designed output power at 1KW, the output rated voltage levels, at 30Vdc / 60Vdc / 100Vdc / 200Vdc / 300Vdc, mature IGBT high frequency switching power topology design and digital control loop give the 1KW programmable DC power supply high precision, high stability, low ripple and fast response speed DC output features.

The design of the 1KW programmable power supply is small and compact for portable moving. The power supply front panel adopts silica gel buttons, a stepless knob and a 2.55-inch LCD display. The output voltage, current, start / stop time, output rising rate, OVP, OCP and other parameter setting programming and reading of the Programmable Power Supplies can be easily and quickly completed through the front panel man-machine interface. 

The programmable DC power supplies are also equipped with a standard RS485 communication interface, following the MODBUS-RTU international protocol, which can realize remote control programming of the power supply. 

It is an excellent choice for laboratory programmable DC power supply, and can also be used for instrument calibration and various Desktop DC test application.


The power supply chassis is produced using laser technology, with unique color matching and excellent baking paint production technology, which gives the power supply generous and elegant appearance.

The internal circuit boards of power products all produced by PCBA and DIP process, to reduce human faults. The production adopts process inspection for each step, which reduces the defective assembly rate and further improves product reliability.

Firm and reliable internal structure design and high-quality packaging reduce the probability of damage that may be caused by transportation.

The power supply adopts LCD display, preset voltage / current values, output voltage / current values, real-time power, local / remote working mode & start / stop status are all displayed on LCD interface, which is convenient for customers to control & monitor the status of DC power supply.

High display accuracy: 0.1% voltage display accuracy in CV mode, 5 digits voltage display with minimum 1mV resolution; 0.2% current display accuracy in CC mode, 4 digits current display with minimum 1mA resolution.

The power supply can be used as a constant current source for its low output current ripple while ensuring low voltage ripple.

The power supply voltage and current have almost no starting impact, and the power output dynamic response time is excellent

With output programming function, you can edit step waveforms, pulse waveforms, etc., and the rising slope of the voltage and current.

Block diagram


LED and energy-saving lamps aging test.

Switching power supply and power adapter aging test.

Photovoltaic inverter aging test.

Aerospace and national defense industry.

Testing and aging of electric vehicle motors, controllers, and DC motors

Capacitors, resistors, relays, transistors, sensors and other electronic devices.

Electrolytic, electroplating, and corroded aluminum foil processing.

LCD, touch screen test.

Automotive electronics, DC motor, motor controller, cigarette lighter, audio and video burn-in test.

Featured functions

Programming function

The power supply has output programmable function for 10 groups of different parameters and the number of cycles. Such as initial voltage/current value, final voltage/current value, hold time and other parameters setting. And, it can realize multi-step continuous output, single-step output and cyclic output functions. Different modes such as voltage step and voltage sequence can also be realized.

The voltage and current are settable within the full range.

The holding time setting range: 1S~10000S

The number of cycles: 1~65535

The programming mode ON/OFF can be set through the parameter setting interface. In the programming mode, the normal voltage and current parameter settings are invalid.

Excellent dynamic response speed

Output dynamic response waveform under 10% ~ 50% load change

Output dynamic response waveform under 50% ~ 10% load change

Output dynamic response waveform under 50% ~ 90% load change

Output dynamic response waveform under 90% ~ 50% load change

No overshoot at output start-up & Settable output voltage and current rising slope

300ms rising time                             

                                 1000ms rising time

Ultra-high output display accuracy

Comprehensive information LCD display

Preset voltage/current value; output voltage/current value; real time power; local/remote control working mode; power supply start/stop status information can be displayed in the LCD on the power supply front panel at the same time, which is convenient for customers to monitor the status of the DC power supply.




Single – phase





Power factor



DC Voltage


<0.2% of rated value (CV mode)

Load regulation

(0 ~ 100% load variance)

<0.05% of rated value

Line regulation


<0.05% of rated value

Regulation time

(10% ~ 100% load variance)


Rise time from 10% to 90% loading

<50ms ~ 10s

DC Current


<0.3% of rated value (CC mode)

Load regulation

(1% ~ 100% load variance)

<0.15% of rated value

Line regulation


<0.05% of rated value

DC Power


<0.5% of rated value

Isolation withstand voltage

AC Input to Shell


AC Input to Output


DC Output to Shell


Protection functions

Output voltage – limiting protection, output current – limiting protection, output power – limiting protection and over temperature protection

Communication port

RS232 or RS485

In line with MODBUS-RTU standard.

Cooling method

Forced air cooling

Working temperature

-5℃ ~ 45℃

Storage temperature

-20℃ ~ 60℃

Relative humidity


Size (W*H*D) (mm)



Approx. 6Kg

Power Supply Front and Rear Panels Description

Front panel description

Key button identification

Key button description


Swith to power supply output voltage value setting


Swith to power supply output current value setting


Local / Remote control switching


Number key buttons


Return key button


Enter key button


Power supply output ON / OFF control

Rear panel description




DC output terminal, red is positive pole and black is negative pole

The output terminal can be connected in three ways:

1. Wiring with copper nose

2. Insert directly from the side holes (limited to less than 10A)

3. Insert directly from the back holes (limited to less than 10A)


The cooling fan air duct, NO blocking!


RS485 / RS232 communication interface


AC power connection terminal, make sure of well grounding.

Power Supply Chassis Drawing

Standard model list







Rated power




Rated voltage






Rated current






Voltage Ripple






Installation environment

Ambient temperature: Please have the power source working in safe temperature range (0℃ ~ 45℃) or it would affect life of power source.

Please install the power source at least 50cm distant from surroundings to have better ventilation.

Please install the power source away from vibration (less than 0.6G), especially equipment like puncher.

Keep the power source away from direct sunshine, humidity or place with water globule.

Keep the power source from corrosive, flammable & explosive gas.

Keep the power source away from oil stain, dust & metallic dust.