iDealtek - Electronics

Committed to continuous technological innovation of power products to meet customer needs and create value for employees and the company.

Yangzhou IdealTek Electronics Co., Ltd.

iDealTek Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 by a team that has been engaged in the design, manufacturing and sales of power products for many years. It upholds the company's vision of providing high-precision, high-quality and high-reliability power supplies from China. The company focuses on design, manufacturing and sales of DC power supplies, high-voltage power supplies, high-power switching power supplies and customized power supplies. At present, the company has the broad power supply product line, covering the power range from 1KW to 2MW, and the voltage range from 30V to 200KV. The company's power supply is motor testing, battery charging, new carbon materials, high-voltage charging, electron-beam and other cutting-edge research of University or Institutes. At present, iDealTek is still a small-scale technologically innovative power supplies provider.