Maintenance Information Of iDealTek Electronics' Power Supplies

Learn about maintenance information of our power supplies.

Maintenance Knowledge

Please Make Regular Maintenance To Power Supply For Longer Working Life


 Shutdown power supply before transportation, and disassemble all connection lines.
 No upside down during transportation.
 Transport and lift up the power supply according to the weight, do not climb or stand on it.


 Do not locate power supply on uneven surface.
 Keep the power supply indoor with proper temperature and humidity, away from direct sunshine, rain and high humidity conditions.
 Keep the power supply away from fire and other heat sources.
 Keep the power supply at least 10cm distance from surrounding and keep good ventilation.
 Working ambient temperature: –10℃~+45℃, RH: 0~90%
 Please keep power supply from flammable gas and corrosive material.


 Keep installation site clean and dry.
 Check the power supply functions regularly.
 Do not put heavy things or tools on power cord in case of damages to power cord insulation, do not locate power cord on passages where has frequent people walking around.
 Please keep the power supply ventilation holes from fiber, paper, saw dust or metallic chips for safety!