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MTP Series High Power DC Power Supply-2100 2150 800 (250~450KW)

Power range: 250 ~ 450 KW
Voltage range: 100.0 ~ 1500 V
Current range: 100.0 ~ 2000 A
2100*2150*800 industrial cabinet with casters
Precise voltage and current setting and measurement capabilities
RS485 Communication port
OVP, OCP, OTP and short circuit protections.
CE certified


The MTP series high-power DC power supplies of 250KW ~ 450KW are also made with the all-in-one solution, and the ultra-high-power DC output is achieved through the non-detachable parallel connection of multiple internal high-power DC power modules. We still adhere to the concept of reliability first and have not opened up external disassembly function of high-power DC multi-module parallel system.

The MTP high-power DC power supplies with 250KW ~ 450KW output is built in multiple 2100*2150*800 double-door industrial-grade cabinets. Each power supply parts can be accessed from the front door to facilitate the installation, wiring and maintenance of each power supply module and the complete power supply system, output voltage ranges from 120Vdc to 1000Vdc, using the 7-inch LCD touch screen for power supplies’ control programming and status monitoring, and also comes with the standard RS485 communication interface following the MODBUS-RTU international protocol makes remote control and monitoring of the power supply easy and convenient.

The same standard configuration voltage compensation and short-time 2 times rated current overload functions are equipped (except for some large current output models), a discharging unit or reverse cut-off function can also be added.

At present, this series of high-power DC power supplies are mainly used in battery charging testing, DC motor testing, photovoltaic inverter testing, and various cutting-edge applications that require high-power DC output.


Isolated input and output for safe operation.

CV & CC output mode, output voltage and current continuously adjustable in full scale.

Multi-stage filtering circuit adopted to reduce harmonic interference to the power grid.

Double closed-loop circuit, fast response speed and stable output.

Full-bridge phase-shifting soft switching technology, the overall efficiency is up to 88%.

With RS485 communication interface, in line with MODBUS-RTU communication protocol.

With LCD touch screen for convenient operation, intuitive displays & indications.

Amorphous high-frequency transformers and potted inductance adopted to give smaller temperature rise and better reliability.

The input and output terminals are equipped with safety shielding to ensure the safety of installation.

Principle Introduction

This series of High-power AC - DC power supplies are equipped with a reliable two-stage conversion mechanism drive logic circuit and a fast control loop optimized by iDealTek-Electronics. Which balances the requirements of low output ripple and fast DC output response speed, making this series of High-power switching power supplies can provide high-precision, low ripple, high-stability and High-power DC output with fast response speed feature of the switching power supply. All MTP series DC power supplies are equipped with a short-term 2 times rated current overload capacity (Except for some high-current output models) to cope with the inductive and mixed load's demand for high-current output at the moment of starting.

Key technology introduction

Air duct design

Full-sealing independent "Chimney" type air duct design adopted, the inner circuit uses independent cooling fan to improve the product heat dissipation effect, and the air inlet has dustproof measures, which greatly reduces dust and debris entering the power supply. The radiator and fan can be cleaned and maintained separately

The heat dissipation system undergoes rigorous simulation and actual testing, and is designed with reliability in consideration of national standards and enterprise standards to ensure that the device with low temperature rise and long life.

Modular design

The power supply follows the modular design concept and requirements. According to the analysis of product characteristics and functions, each subsystem will use components with independent functions. By the Laminated busbar structure and the use of standardized long-term verified power units, the loop sense is effectively reduced, and the reliability of the product operation is greatly improved.

Core component

The key and important core devices are all internationally renowned brands, and high-quality devices to ensure the stability and reliability of product operation.

Featured functions

CV / OC with 2 times overload ability (except for models with ≥ 500A)

The power supply has two working modes: CV / CC mode and CV / OC mode, customers can select different working modes according to actual use requirements.

(1)CV / CC mode

Under CV / CC mode, the output voltage and current of power supply are continuously adjustable from 0 to the rated value. 

Power supply works either in constant voltage (CV) or constant current (CC) state, the CV & CC working state are automatically switchable, the switching conditions are determined by the voltage & current set values and the customer's load resistance value. For details, please refer to the following figure.

In CV state, the output voltage is adjustable and regulated; the output current varies with the output voltage value and the customer load resistance.

In CC state, the output current is adjustable and regulated, the output voltage varies with the output current value and the customer load resistance.

(2)CV / OC mode

Under CV / OC (over current) mode, besides CV function, power supply still has over-current working ability, (OCP is invalid in this mode), detailed parameters as below:

0% ~ 100% rated current value continuous working with load

100% ~ 125% rated current value  withstand 600s continuous working

125% ~ 150% rated current value  withstand 60s continuous working

150% ~ 200% rated current value  withstand 5s continuous working

Power supply automatic protected and stops output when Max. Over-current time exceeded.

OVP & OCP value setting function

OVP and OCP value could be set via front control interface, power supply could automatically stop output when output voltage or output current exceeds the set protection values.

OVP: over voltage protection value.

OCP: over current protection value.

Automatic line voltage drop compensation function

The power supply has an automatic line voltage drop compensation detection terminal (comsense). Connect the terminals to the load ends. The power supply will automatically detect the voltage value of the load ends and automatically compensate for the line voltage drop caused by the power line. At the same time, it can be customized to detect whether the battery terminals are connected reversely to realize the anti-reverse protection function for battery charging.

Fast self-discharge function

The power supply has built-in discharging circuit, which can quickly release the electrical energy in the output capacitor after the power supply stops outputting, so as to prevent personal injury caused by accidently touching the output terminal right after the power supply stops.

Short-circuit protection

The power supply can adapt to two kinds of short-circuit conditions as below:

If the power supply has short-circuited before starting output, then power supply can be normally started and running continuously for a long time.

If power supply has a sudden short-circuit during running with load, then power supply would automatically stop output and gives sound alarm, LEDs on front panel would display corresponding alarm code.



Connection mode

Three – phase, four – wire + GND






Rated power

*** kW

Output voltage adjusting range

0V ~ ****V

Output current adjusting range

0A ~ ****A

Output voltage precision


Output current precision


Line regulation


Load regulation


Temperature drift


Time drift


Ripple (Vr.m.s.)

≤0.5% F.S (measured @ rated voltage with 80%-100% resistive loading)

Response time

≤20ms (measured @ 10%-90% resistive loading)


≥88% (measured @ 80%-100% resistive loading)

Working ability

Withstand long-term continual working.

Setting & Display

Control mode


Front panel LCD touch screen.


RS485 communication interface.

In line with MODBUS-RTU standard.

Display mode

Touch screen display items as below:

1. Real-time working state display (fault state, running state, stop state, emergency stop state)

2. Working mode display (CV / CC)

3. Output voltage / current display.

4. Power supply system and fault information queriable.

Set & Display error





Display resolution


Four-digit display with a minimum resolution of 0.01V

(Ue ≤ 30V)

Four-digit display with a minimum resolution of 0.1V

(30V < Ue < 1000V)

Four-digit display with a minimum resolution of 1V

(Ue ≥ 1000V)


Four-digit display with a minimum resolution of 0.01A

(Ie ≤ 50A)

Four-digit display with a minimum resolution of 0.1A

 (50A < Ie < 1000A)

Four-digit display with a minimum resolution of 1A

(Ie ≥ 1000A)

Automatic voltage compensation

≤5V (Ue ≤ 100V)

≤10V (100V<Ue ≤ 300V)

≤15V (300V< Ue ≤ 1000V)

Over-loading ability

Iout≤1.25 Ie, output shutdown after 600s.

Iout≤1.5Ie, output shutdown after 60s.

Iout≤2Ie, output shutdown after 5s

Iout>2Ie, output shutdown immediately.

Protection & Monitoring functions

Input protection

Input lack voltage and lack phase protection.

Output over voltage protection (OVP)

Output over voltage protection value settable.

Power supply automatically cuts off output and alarms when output has over voltage.

Output over current protection (OCP)

Output over current protection value settable.

Power supply automatically cuts off output and alarms when the output has over current.

Over temperature protection (OTP)

Power supply automatically cuts off output and alarms when the internal temperature of the power supply exceeds 85 °C.

Output short-circuit protection

Power supply automatically cuts off output and alarms when the output has short-circuit.

Automatic voltage compensation protection

Output over compensation protection / compensation line reverse-connected protection



Protection degree


Cooling method

Forced air cooling

Safety features

Insulation resistance


Withstand voltage ability

60s test @ 2000VDC, no flash-over or spark-over.

Grounding inductance resistance


Working conditions

Ambient temperature






Size (W*H*D) (mm)


Optional functions

Analog control via 0 ~ 5V / 0 ~ 10V or 4mA ~ 20mA signal. (+AC)

Output power-limiting function (+PL)

Built-in automatic energy discharging unit (+EDU)

24V interlock circuit (+ILK)

Standard model list







Rated power


Rated voltage






Rated current












Rated power


Rated voltage






Rated current












Rated power


Rated voltage






Rated current






Installation environment

Ambient temperature: Please have the power source working in safe temperature range (0℃ ~ 45℃) or it would affect life of power source.

Please install the power source at least 50cm distant from surroundings to have better ventilation.

Please install the power source away from vibration (less than 0.6G), especially equipment like puncher.

Keep the power source away from direct sunshine, humidity or place with water globule.

Keep the power source from corrosive, flammable & explosive gas.

Keep the power source away from oil stain, dust & metallic dust.